Project Manager, Cazarin Interactive
Sean worked with Alex in the same group

Sean brings the exciting energy and creative strategy that every team needs to execute a successful marketing campaign. Not only is he a master in his field, but he has a true passion for what he does and it shows through his interactions with clients and his work.

Owner, Blue Koi
Scott is a client of Sean's

Sean is very good at what he does. He is easy to work with and explained the scope of work to which made sense. The result was more than what I expected. Great job!

Founder/ CEO, Bar-i intelligent inventory
Jamie is a client of Sean's

I’ve been using Sean and Digital Marketing KC for a number of years now. We’ve always received great service and his skills and knowledge have been a significant contributor to our online presence and growing revenue over the years. One specific thing I like about Sean is his technical website knowledge is very strong.

President, Cazarin Interactive
Ricardo is a client of Sean's

Sean is very smart and experienced. I enjoy working with him. He is our Digital Marketing Specialist

Desarrolladora Web, W3 Americas
Sean worked with Lucía in the same group

I met Sean at my first job in web development. He made every day there lots of fun and was always learning and trying new tools to use for our work and to better himself. I will always be thankful to him for sharing all that he learned with me and even though we shared just a few months working together, for his friendship. I know he will keep on getting better and better on anything he sets his mind into.
If you choose to work with him, you know it will be awesome!

Digital Marketing Manager, Visionworks
David was a client of Sean's

Sean has been working with us on digital campaigns for a while now. We have seen nothing but great results from the work he produces. I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their digital presence.

Owner, Stonehave K9
Lyric was a client of Sean's

Sean really knows his craft. He got our site to load faster and more organized in a timely manner with professionalism.
I would not hesitate to hire him again .

SEM Specialist at InQuest Marketing
Sean worked with Matt in the same group

He is very passionate about each of his projects. Always thinking how to improve them and what the next step should be.

Developer Web UI Semi Senior, Globant
Nicolas was senior to Sean but didn't manage

Sean was very helpful to me in understanding Google Adwords and developing a strategy to help increase my sales with that venue. I would recommend his services.

Partner, Paradigm Partners
Sean worked with Ted in the same group

Sean, is unique and a special digital marketer because he understands the customers audiences then creates the right plan to generate leads and sales. You can trust him as well because he won’t pull the trigger unless everything is right. I would pay him more than he asks because he is worth it.

Sr Marketing Director, Cazarin Interactive
Sean worked with J Alan in the same group

Sean is an amazing Digital Marketing Consultant, Sean always brings his “A” game for our clients. Smart, creative and effective strategy

Owner, Miss Brightsides Maids
Mike was a client of Sean's

Sean was very helpful to me in understanding Google Adwords and developing a strategy to help increase my sales with that venue. I would recommend his services.

Senior Project Manager, Grayduck Health
Sean worked with Paul in the same group

Sean is an amazing breath of fresh, talent and pure joy. Very smart, quick to analyze an issue and deliver a solid, spot-on strategy for a client.

Sean makes every meeting better by his mere participation. A consummate professional with a real nose for top-notch customer service and a real Jeopardy whiz-kid.

You won’t go wrong; Invite him to your next meeting.

Sales, USInsourcing
Sam was a client of Sean's

Sean is an excellent digital marketer and worked very hard to make sure our projects are profitable. Cant recommend him enough!

Videographer and Writer
Jessie managed Sean directly

Sean is an excellent SEO expert and Google Ads creator/manager. He is thorough and has great attention to detail. He is also extremely experienced and has the ability to review accounts quickly to spot any issues or potential weaknesses in the set up. Sean created numerous successful campaigns for my company. He is also adept at branding and other digital marketing services.

Highly recommend him and his work.

Owner, Brad's Fuel Filtering
Brad is a client of Sean's

Sean is amazing! Paying these so-called SEO companies, many of them based overseas is a waste of money. Sean does the work of 10 people and only charges for the work he does, not $700 to $1,200 a month retainer. He has taken our digital marketing to new heights. Use this man.

International Event Coordinator
Ariel was a client of Sean's

Sean has worked with me while we were putting together the first major notification to the Mundo Lingo StartUp. Working with him has been really good. He brings a lot of technical knowledge into the table and he always have great tips on how to improve the current assets of the company. Sean had a smile everyday we meet and he added a great sense of humor which made working with him worth repeating.